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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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summer: the toddler was hit in ormond beach. chopper 2 was just over the same and investigators say they have the vehicle and the driver stopped. the boy was in critical condition and was flown to the hospital. we will have a live update right here on wesh 2 news first at 4:00. more breaking news, this time in brevard county, where a man is dead after a confrontation with a police officer in palm bay. meredith: the offiicer says the suspect came out of a house holding a gun, and threatened police at the scene. wesh 2' s dan billow is there now. dan, how did this begin? dan: it began in a sadly mundane way, with a guy who seemed bothered by some construction workers next door. it was just down the street here on mariposa drive, and it appears the body is still there, and has now been removed from the front yard where police say the man threatened them. >> we tried to make contact with
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we used the pa and by phone. dan: police say a 39-year-old man had threatened to shoot a construction crew working next to his home, where he lived alone. the workers called 911 and reported they had been threatened. responding police tried to calm the man, but the chief says nothing seemed to work. >> this is certainly something that we believe could have been prevented. we tried to get the guy out for almost an hour and a half, peacefully, so we could resolve it. dan: finally, at about 11:30 a.m., police say the man came out of the house with a gun, threatening the officers who had secured the area. the chief says an officer fired one shot. that' s all it took. the gunman never fired. >> it' s just a tragic situation. we did everything we could to try to resolve it peacefully, and it' s unfortunate. dan: live, in the next hour, you' ll hear about the man' s erratic actions and a possible explanation for them. and we' ll tell you a little
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fired the shot. summer: large county sheriff deputies have arrested a man in connection to a double murder. he is facing two charges of third-degree murder with a firearm. that shooting happened back in february. the victims were shot in the mall parking lot and are both some broward county. in his first appearance this morning, johnson was given a bond over $25,000. coming up at 5:00, michelle meredith space to investigators. meredith: developing news out of volusia county, a father is accused of shooting his son. the 34-year-old was shot in the chest this morning after an argument with his father . investigators say it happened just before 11:30.
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>> they were always out there arguing. i do not know much about it. the old man was always out there shooting has gone off. meredith: deputies have recovered a handgun from the scene and arrested the father. summer: two people are hurt after a shooting in brevard county this morning on east haven drive. that' s where police found a woman, injured with what looked like gun blast marks on her neck and chest. they also found her boyfriend wounded by gunfire inside the house. he was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> why here? why here? this is such a nice neighborhood, a quiet neighborhood. but there' s things going on. summer: police have taken the woman' s father into custody, who they say fired the shots. police are waiting for a search warrant to go inside the home and look for evidence. meredith: late breaking, a new lawsuit has been filed connected to the massage
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sexually assaulting some of his clients. 26-year-old cesar guerrero is now the target of a total of six investigations, all involving women who say he touched them inappropriately. guerrero only faces criminal charges in one alleged assault winter garden. today, a woman who claims she was assaulted by guerrero at massage luxe in winter park spoke to reporters at the court house. we agreed not to reveal her identity because she is a professional and was hesitant to come forward. >> i' say even i didn' i was confused, i kept dialoguing in my mind was this real or not. meredith: the attorney for the alleged victim announced they are filing a civil suit against massage luxe. she was a client there. he' s already filed civil suits again massage envy and hand and stone, claiming the spas were negligent in not doing a more thorough background check on guerrero. guerrero' s license to practice
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the state department of health. if former football player has been indicted by a grand jury. he was facing charges of first-degree murder. he shot three people last month at the country club on february 13. so far, no word on a motive. summer: a registered sex offender is facing new charges of voyeurism and stalking a winter garden woman for as long as two months. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live from winter garden police headquarters, where they are hoping a search warrant will help them tie him to even more cases. bob, why is that? bob: what they are hoping to do is get into this man' s phone where police hope there is evidence of him photographing himself outside of this woman' s apartment time and time again. neighbors are extra concerned. lauren westbrooks lives close to the apartment where police say 28-year-old registered sex offender winston garwood was seen looking in the alleged victim'
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all while committing a sex act. police suspect he may have been stalking this woman for months. >> i can' t imagine the pain this woman is going through. bob: westbrooks says she' s been the victim of a stalker and the fear victims feel is real. >> once it' s started, you really build that story in your head and you start to fear for yourself thinking, if he can do that what else can he do? bob: the woman says this is the third time she' s seen a man looking in the window. but this time police were able to catch him near her home at the country gardens apartments. garwood has a history of exposing himself to a minor, something other neighbors are concerned to hear. >> he shouldn' t be here at all. we' re supposed to have a safe environment for the children. bob: there was no answer at this home garwood gave as his address. winter garden police say they hope to get in to garwood' s i-phone and find evidence to help them charge him in all three cases. >> it had been going on a couple months and we' re happy he'
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identified. bob: all of the counts he is facing are misdemeanors and it records show he has bonded out of jail. coming up at 5:00, we will show you how he received a second chance on the first case of exposing himself and what neighbors of this elected stalking victim feel about that. meredith: titusville police have a hit and run accident. thomas glidewell was arrested yesterday after he got out of the hospital. he was charged for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries last thursday. he' s being held on $15,000 bond. glidewell had been in the hospital with injuries he suffered in that accident. eight-year-old dayshaun hill had a bump on the head when his bike was wrecked, but is ok. summer: prosecutors say the isleworth millionaire convicted of murdering his wife is not entitled to be released on bond while he waits for a new trial. in a new motion opposing ward' s bond request, prosecutors say
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convicted of murder from being released on bond. last month, a circuit judge overturned ward' s second degree murder conviction in the 2009 shooting death of his wife diane and granted him a new trial. state attorney jeff ashton' s office is currently appealing that decision. meredith: a daytona beach man is accused of intentionally crashing his car into a police officer' s car last night. 40-year-old hertis hinson is charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries and fleeing and eluding. this is a mugshot of him from a previous arrest. an officer from daytona beach shores saw hinson allegedly crash into a motorist on walnut street and mary mcleod bethune boulevard. police say hinson spun around and was facing the officer in his marked unit, then accelerated, going head on into the daytona beach shores cruiser. the officer wasn' t hurt but the vehicle is likely totaled. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in 12 states today. summer: this super tuesday, voters are heading to the polls for their say on which of the seven remaining presidential
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their parties. meredith: nbc' s steve handelsman reports on how the candidates are pushing for votes. reporter: ted cruz cast his vote on a super tuesday that is do or die for him. >> any candidate they cannot with his own state has many problems. >> i voted for ted cruz, primarily because i do not want donald trump to get those votes in texas. we need to stop the momentum. reporter: but donald trump without texas could sleep 10 of 11 --sweep 10 of 11 super tuesday stays. chris christie recently endorsed him. >> his opponents will say and do anything to try to get him down. reporter: americans top elected republican try today. paul ryan on trump not
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>> if the person wants to be the republican nominee, there can be no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. reporter: marco rubio trying to hold on weeks until the potent florida and called trump, unelectable. trump. >> i will continue against bigotry it whenever i reporter: hear about it. reporter:like donald trump, she could win every super tuesday states for one, vermont. bernie sanders hope for a big turnout in a liberal states. like ted cruz, if you loses texas. ted cruz, rubio and sanders may get some delegates, but it will not be enough delegates until they start winning, which ted cruz has in iowa and could be doing again in the state. summer: as the results come in from super tuesday, three candidates will be watching from florida. hillary clinton and senator marco rubio are both holding events in miami tonight.
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his home state campaign with a rally. donald trump will be watching the returns in palm beach at his maralago estate. and stick around for complete super tuesday coverage. after wesh 2 news at 6:00, nbc nightly news with lester holt will have a special one hour edition of commitment 2016 coverage. we' ll also have your primary results on wesh 2 news. meredith: back to that breaking news we were covering at the beginning of the show. this is in ormond beach where a three-year-old boy has been airlifted to the hospital after being hit by a car. it is critical and all of this happening along granada boulevard in ormond. summer: chopper 2 shows investigators trying to figure out what is going on. police have a vehicle and a driver stopped and are working to figure out how that little boy was hit, and it looks like one of those vehicles is in the
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owed at the moment. we will pass on information as soon as we get it. meredith: america' s record-breaking astronaut is getting ready to come home. summer: we will show you what scott kelly' s year-long adventure will mean for other astronauts on mars. meredith: new fire dangers and central florida. summer: you will see how the community is stepping up to give a helping hand to some local girl scouts shaken after someone stole their cookie money. tony: we are tracking a pretty
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: breaking news at 4:00, a child has nearly drowned near a canal next to an elementary school. jim: some of the first information is pretty bag. d. this is happening at riverside elementary school and west of state road 434.
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canal that runs north and east of the elementary school. the child had no heartbeat and was taken to florida hospital, orlando. this reported in the last 15 minutes or so. this is at riverside elementary school, a five-year-old child taken to the hospital. we have a crew. close to the scene and we will have a live report coming up very shortly. meredith: this is one of nasa astronaut scott kelly' s last pictures taken on the international space station. it' s one of 1000 pictures he took in his 340 days living in space. he' s even monkied around, dressing up in a gorilla suit d chasing his crewmates. in all, it' s been a record setting year for kelly. summer: tonight, he' ll grab a pillow back on earth. wesh 2' s brett connolly on how his marathon mission could impact a potential trip to mars. brett: it' s a monumental day for american space exploration. scott kelly lands in kazahstan this evening just before
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ll then fly to houston , undergoing a battery of tests to determine how nearly a year in space impacts the human body. he set a new american record for the longest duration in space and has the record for the most total time orbiting the earth. when you add up all his trips, kelly has 520 days living on the international space station. he sent out a tweet yesterday saying " preparing to go to bed for the final time on this journey into space. #countdown we' re down to a wakeup. #earth i' m coming for you tomorrow. #goodnight from @iss." kelly said after nearly a year away from home, he' s looking forward to something in his backyard. >> i' ll go to the astronaut crew quarters at the johnson space center for several hours of medical tests and end at about 3:00 in the morning. then i' m gonna go home and jump in my pool. brett: scott' s mission will also provide insight into a potential future mars mission. nasa will be studying the impact of nearly a year in space on the human body and they have a
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experiment. his identical twin brother, mark, is part of the deal, serving as an earth-based comparison for scott' s experiences and physical changes. summer: a live look at nasa tv that has just started is hatch closure coverage. it is undocking at 8:05 tonight. the orbit will land at 11:27. expect continued coverage on wesh 2 news and on the wesh 2 app. meredith: the fire danger remains high in central florida. the fire is contained the smoke is continue to fill the skies. his scheduled burn got out-of-control in the subdivision but no one was hurt. summer: it is beautiful outside.
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tony: it has been so nice but the wind has been a factor not only for fires of the spacex launch that was scheduled this evening. elon musk put this on a couple minutes ago. he is pushing the launch to friday because of extreme high altitude wind. it goes up to 70 meters per second. it is like a sledgehammer when the rocket is going up. elon musk tweaking that a few minutes ago. upper-level wind has been gusty. watching the clouds moving back on end, 80 degrees the current temperature. nice and quiet around here, plenty warm. belleview, 80 degrees. 81, clermont. 82, downtown. 81, sanford. right along the shoreline, 73
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there are a couple of clouds, not a factor in the election night and there are all out over the gulf. we are watching the next storm system, the next cold front that is getting its act together and will bring some storms as we look ahead tomorrow across parts of the deep south. 79 degrees are temperature in the city at 6:00. we do not really move that mark much. 11:00, 64 degrees and when dining off just a little bit. temperatures 55 in ocala. 58, the villages. 60, clermont. 61, st. cloud. upper 50' s, west volusia. 58, daytona beach.
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tomorrow, there is the frontal boundary moving into central florida. ahead of the front, we could see a few sprinkles but there is not a lot of moisture. we are not too excited in the way of rainfall, 10% chance. wednesday afternoon, it may be a cold front but nothing cold about these readings. 82 in the city once again. 80, titusville. futurecast showing a couple of clouds through tonight. we start to watch the shield of cloud coverage coming through with the front end by about lunchtime, if you sprinkles but they weaken as they are moving into the metro area as the met moisture stays on the northern part of the front. we remain in the 80' s through friday, upper 70' s and beautiful for the weekend and about the
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summer: a big development in the case of the federal government versus apple. meredith: how a case in new york is causing change. summer: how does a free rolling stones concert sound? we will tell in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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summer: a virginia police officer with central florida ties is remembered today. officer ashley guindon was killed on her first day on the job, while responding to a domestic violence call over the weekend. two other officers were shot, but are expected to survive. ronald hamilton is in jail facing a capital murder charge. he' s accused of killing his wife before police got there. guindon was a graduate of embry-riddle university in daytona beach. apple has new leverage in its battle against the u.s. justice department, all because of a drug case in brooklyn. meredith: a judge says the government cannot force the company to unlock i-phones. u.s. magistrate judge james orenstein says the apple is not obligated to assist government investigators against its will. but in california, a different judge ordered apple to hack into the san bernardino shooter' s phone to help the fbi. apple says that would create a dangerous precedent. summer: the 14-year-old accused of opening fire inside the cafeteria of a high school in ohio making his first court appearance today.
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now the teen is facing a slew of charges including making terroristic threats. his attorney entering a not guilty plea. the teen has been ordered to stay inside juvenile detention pending a pre-trial hearing on april 5. meredith: a man accused of killing two virginia college students is expected to take a plea deal that will spare him his life tomorrrow. jesse matthew, junior is set to plead guilty to killing 18-year-old hannah graham in 2014 and morgan harrington in 2009. matthews is already serving three life sentences in a separate case. prosecutors have agreed to drop the death penalty if he pleads guilty in the case. the rolling stones will be hosting a free concert in cuba this month. summer: the rock band making the announcement via twitter today. this is the first time mick jagger, keith richards, charlie watts and ronnie wood will perform there. despite the white house easing travel restrictions to cuba, you still need the government' s ok to do so. they will be performing in havana on march 25. meredith: today they are celebrating.
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coming to the rescue of a local girl scouts after someone took their girl scout cookie money. meredith: the money contents to roll in for the downtown campus of ucf. we will tell you who donated
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not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. summer: we are following breaking news in orange county where a child has been found unresponsive in a canal. meredith: what do we know about the child? reporter: all we know is the five-year-old was found unresponsive in the canal that is about 400 yards away from where we are at at the corner of pembroke. we know this happened around 3: wesh 2 news first at 4:00. 30 this afternoon. we are trying to get more information. we did hear from several people who are around the same and they
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we have no confirmation about that. we have reached out to lunch county and we know they are headed on the scene. we know a five-year-old was found not breathing in this canal and taken to the hospital. we are not sure of the child' s condition but we will bring you those details as soon as we get them. summer: breaking news in volusia county involving a child. meredith: this is where a toddler was struck by a vehicle. claire metz us live now. what have you learned? claire: we are just alongside granada east of u.s. one, and according to officials what is clear is a three-year-old child was hit by a vehicle either in the parking lot behind me or very close to the street, granada boulevard which has been shut down for several hours. investigators have not told us anything official about how the
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others around the scene who believe the vehicle involved may have been a vehicle the child may have been in prior to the accident, whether the child fell out, what are they got away from the vehicle, ran into the street, it is unclear but authorities say they are putting together information. the three-year-old was flown by helicopter to the hospital in a, unit. witnesses say -- trauma unit. witnesses say he was crying. we are working to get more information on how this happened. according to police, there is some confusion as to whether he was in the parking lot behind me or directly industry and whether or not the vehicle that was taken from the scene was a vehicle that the child had been
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we are live in volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. summer: the search is on for a thief who grabbed a cash box from a 12-year-old girl simply trying to sell girl scout cookies. meredith: it happened sunday outside a wal-mart store on deltona' s east side, and this is a surveillance picture of the suspect. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel joins us live where the community is rallying around this middle school student. dave: they certainly are. the girl' s aunt tells us there was about $300 in the box when the thief ran off with it, the search continues for him. they had local fundraising efforts and all of that money has been replaced and it has restored some faith in the goodness of most people. this is the guy deputies are looking for, a guy accused of stealing from a girl scout. >> it was just sad because i know my niece is such a kind, loving little girl, and for that to happen to her, it' s been traumatic for her. dave: it was sunday afternoon, the 12-year-old and her mom had been offering girl scout cookies to wal-mart customers for hours. then the suspect showed up with
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they all walked back to the suv, then he came back alone according to investigators, grabbing the cash box, and jumping into the suv and driving off. >> it' s not right stealing from anybody, but it' s a child, and i hope you do get caught because it' s wrong. dave: the suv is a grey hyundai santa fe with a north carolina tag. as the word spread, donations rolled in and that is serving double duty, raising cash and spirits. >> i just really appreciate the community coming together because it does show her there are good people out there and people do care. dave: the fund raiser for a troop trip will be a success after all. >> they' re doing it for good causes. these girl' s work really hard. dave: anybody who can help identify this guy, or the suv with north carolina license plates, is asked to call the volusia county sheriff' s office. once that man is identified, the family once and to answer for what happened here.
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so distant onto the sunday afternoon, they are very encouraged to the number of people who have reached out to help them. live in deltona, volusia county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. summer: the man accused of firing a deadly shot inside a sanford bar, says he' s not guilty. detectives say james pritchard is responsible for killing oceanette hampton inside the cool breeze bar back in january. pritchard filed a written plea, so he won' t have to attend an arraignment that was scheduled this afternoon. his attorney previously admitted pritchard acted recklessly when a fight broke out, but says he did not mean to kill anyone. meredith: lake county leaders will vote on a new push to pardon the groveland four. in 1949, four black men, accused of raping a white woman, were all arrested without evidence. one was killed by the sheriff, another by a racist mob. the other two men have since died, but their families want their names cleared. the county commission is urging the governor to act. governor scott' s office says they' ll review any case that is brought in front of them. summer: turning to commitment
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donald trump is getting a helping hand in the race for the white house from the world of nascar. after ending a rally in georgia, nascar chairman brian france and drivers chase elliot and ryan newman joined trump on stage. the sport legends spoke on trump' s behalf, saying he would bring change to the country. chairman brian france saying the candidate leads in business and wins with his family. these endorsements are causing a stir on social media and provoking a mix of reactions. kathy roads, i am about done with people saying the only ones supporting trump are uneducated and racist. meanwhile, gary chase posting, i was an avid fan of nascar for years, as of this moment forward, i will not be watching any nascar race and will try very hard not to purchase anything advertised on a nascar event. right now voters in 11 states are heading to the polls to cast their ballot. the presidential candidates are still out pushing for votes, but some of them will be getting the results here in florida. senator marco rubio, donald trump, and hillary clinton get
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ll have continuing commitment 2016 coverage right here on wesh 2, and get alerts on tonight' s winners on the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: congressman alan grayson says he' s done nothing unethical by serving both on capitol hill, and as an investment fund manager. the question is this, is he using his position and power of elected office to profit? wesh 2' s greg fox heard from the congressman about the ethics investigation. >> frankly, there is nothing to investigate. greg: and why is that? >> because i haven' t done anything wrong. greg: congressman alan grayson is speaking on camera for the first time since the house ethics committee publicly acknowledged it' s reviewing grayson' s investment activities and will decide by april 5 if a full investigation is warranted. he made it clear to us, he' s done nothing wrong. >> i invested my own money just like most people do, every day of the week. there is nothing wrong with doing that. greg: wesh 2 news has obtained documents, that as recently as february 3, show grayson as the
4:38 pm
with sales amounting to $16.35 million. funds that were incorporated in delaware, but have a local address in this orange county office building. all of congress, including grayson, oversee the securities and exchange commission. the sec , in turn, oversees investment funds, like the ones grayson manages. but grayson says the big difference is this, he' s never used his office to solicit business and the investments are for himself and his limited liability partnership. >> no one was solicited since i entered congress. nobody. greg: grayson points the finger of blame for fueling the house ethics review squarely at his primary opponent in the u.s. senate race, congressman patrick murphy. >> it' s just sheer nonsense. i mean, i don' t want to be vulgar, but it is all b.s. and it' s just dirty politics. greg: " the new york times" released emails from last summer, in which congressman grayson' s former campaign manager advises him to close the accounts to avoid any appearance of impropriety.
4:39 pm
manager of the funds and the campaign manager has been replaced. we could know in the next couple of weeks if the house ethics committee will launch a full investigation. summer? summer: wesh 2 news has obtained exclusive images of a proposed memorial for orlando' s tinker field. this rendering shows a miniature ball field constructed partly with vintage materials from the former stadium that would honor baseball' s past. the stadium was demolished almost a year ago after the city determined only the dirt, itself, was considered a landmark worth preserving. since then, a committee has been assembling ideas for a permanent tribute, recognizing legends of the game, like jackie robinson, babe ruth and its namesake, joe tinker as well as dr. martin luther king junior, who spoke there in 1964. the mayor says it will depict the essence of the iconic former spring training complex for generations. >> it'
4:40 pm
where the circle and entrance was to the stadium, and incorporates some dug out scenes and events that have happened, a bust of martin luther king jr., so it is pretty cool stuff. summer: the city' s historic preservation board is expected to hold a meeting to gather public comment on the tinker memorial plan in may. meredith: it was supposed to be the fourth try for spacex, but the launch attempt has already been scrubbed. mosque says wind -- elon musk says wind is too strong. meredith: the hatch has just closed on the international space station which means scott kelly is closer to returning home. summer: he has spent a year in space as part of an experiment on the human body.
4:41 pm
adjusting to the water, no more having to fight gravity and things such as walking and making coffee will likely present a challenge. the undocking is scheduled for 11:27. meredith: a popular sports reporter on the stand again today, telling the emotional story about being secretly videotaped. summer: erin andrews talks about the toll this is taken on her life and career. meredith: the new study warning strokes among young adults increasing. we will tell you about the
4:43 pm
big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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>> i think the thing that really hit home for me and hurts
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school, college, they tweet me and they say, i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. meredith: another emotional day on the stand for sports reporter erin andrews. s jay gray reports andrews said the video of her naked being posted online has changed her life. > i think about it every day. reporter: for the second straight day, her emotions spilled over in the courtroom as she talked about her being videotaped without her knowledge, nude inside a national hotel room. >> i think, my god, everyone in the state has seen the video. reporter: that video was posted online by a man who spent 30 months in jail after admitting to stocking the popular news sportscaster and secretly recording her. andrews is seeking $75 million
4:46 pm
him along with the nashville marriott and it' s company claiming negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy. will you ever get over this? >> no. reporter: during a brief cross examina tion, they say her career has not been irreparably damaged. [indiscernible] reporter: they also argue the hotel had nothing to do with the stalker' s actions, despite the fact that they agreed to give him the room next-door after they told him andrews have been staying there. the trial is set to be wrapped up by the end of this week. meredith: doctors say there is an alarming increase in the number of young adults suffering strokes. experts say more people between the ages of 18 and 35, who are healthy and active, are getting more strokes but aren' t showing any symptoms. some signs of stroke include facial drooping, slurred speech
4:47 pm
legs. summer: the florida house is expected to take up proposals regarding medical marijuana and abortion clinics tomorrow. these proposals would allow terminally ill patients to have access to medical marijuana. it also allows children with severe epilepsy to use certain types of cannabis. meredith: for the next two weeks, local deputies will be stepping up their efforts to get you to buckle up. the " click it or ticket" campaign kicked off this morning. throughout the campaign, orange county deputies will be stationed at various locations in the morning and afternoon. they say their goal is to keep more people from getting seriously hurt in car crashes. summer: disney' s flower and garden festival gets its official start tomorrow, but some people are already enjoying the fresh-themed food and flowers. this is video of the event from last year at epcot. there are several themed topiaries with tributes to some of the characters, and several outdoor kitchens around the world showcase.
4:48 pm
end of may. meredith: this always makes me think that springtime is right around the corner. it certainly feels like it. summer: it feels like summer to me. eric: we made it into the 80' s today and we will do the same thing tomorrow, certainly feels like spring out there. i want to take you over to the coastline where we learned just a few months ago -- a few moments ago, that the spacex space launch has been scrubbed due to wind. thankfully, we air on the side of caution. 76 degrees at the port. still so pretty out there. 80 degrees in orlando. 81, the villages. we are watching clouds working their way over to the foot a coastline, but the good news is the majority of that will stay in south florida.
4:49 pm
this cold front, showers developing in louisiana and back toward mississippi and alabama. those showers will be moving our way, gradually. that is scheduled to move in tomorrow. tonight, we are looking nice and mild. 72 at 7:00. 67 at 9:00. tony is tracking a nice evening tonight. overnight low temperatures look like this. 60, orlando. 68, the villages. 60, titusville. tomorrow' s forecast doesn' t yield an isolated shower as the cold front is sliding through central florida. upper 70' s on the coast line but upper 80' s for the majority of us. the rainfall will be alar round the lunch hour if it happens. 79 by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon
4:50 pm
a sprinkler to our possible in sumter and marion counties. we watch our next frontal boundary come through friday and they could bring us a few additional showers, but all in all the forecast is looking wonderful all week long and that is good because we have plenty of events kicking off. 57 for your morning set up, but by the afternoon, clearing skies and temperatures are comfortable. this weekend, looking ahead to sunday, the big first game as we welcome salt lake to town, 76 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon. i do not think there will be struggle weather-wise to fill the citrus bowl. we just have to make sure everyone comes out to celebrate.
4:51 pm
oating conditions looking ok aside from a moderate chop in the current. when you think about so many of our friends at dealing with snow this time of year, not bad at all. tony has more on the event forecasts in a couple of minutes. meredith: we will tell you which big broadway shows are making a stop in orlando next year. medley served with sirloin steak. the sizzling sound of fresh florida vegetables mingling together; saut\ zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and tomatoes in golden olive oil. garnish with fresh parsley and serve with juicy sirloin steak. that's how easily pan roasted florida vegetables complete a delicious meal. visit for more great recipes. and remember, delicious is always
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summer: if you have a need for speed, this may be the car for you, but be prepared to pay big. bugatti revealed the chiron at the geneva motor show yesterday. they promise it to be faster and more powerful than all its previous models. meredith: we still don' t know how fast this model can go, but it's been capped at 260-miles-per-hour for road use. that gives you a little idea. the price tag for one starts at $2.6 million. a little more of broadway is making its way to the dr. phillips center for the performing arts. summer: we know which eight shows will be stopping in orlando. the center made the announcement last night. some of the highlights, " curious incident" in november, " wicked" in january, " gentleman' s guide to love and murder"
4:55 pm
"the little mermaid" in march and " inding neverland" next june. see the full list on the orlando my way app. summer: there' s nothing like a close victory in a title game. meredith: but one rhode island high school team ended up celebrating too early and it cost them. check this out. the broncos thought they had it won, a player chunked the ball into the air to run down the clock. the team started celebrating, piling onto each other in the middle of the court. the problem? there was one second left. the chargers called a time out, and with one second left, they made a quick pass and layup winning the game 60-59. you need to wait for that buzzer. summer: that hurts. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: angela taylor joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. angela: coming up, breaking news at 5:00. a child has been pulled from a canal outside a local elementary school. plus, wesh 2 has just arrived on scene of a child hit by a car. where it happened and where the victim is now. plus, a deadly afternoon in palm
4:56 pm
a cop says he was forced to open fire on a man, killing him. what happened before the officer
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next. announcer: logo -- local, live, late breaking. angela: we are following several breaking stories and we began in orange county where a five-year-old has just been found in this canal -- this is a live picture from chopper 2 which just arrived over the scene. jim: this canal is close to riverside elementary school. angela: adrian whitsett is just gotten to the scene and joins us now live. reporter: you mentioned that elementary school -- it' s about three blocks away from this canal. we are not sure if the child came from that elementary school or where the child came from. i just talked to a man named ken hunter' s backyard but it' s up to the canal and said he heard a
5:00 pm
difficult -- that is typical with kids around this now. you can see that it' s got a really deep drop off. there are crime scene investigators just got to the scene. what we are told is a five-year-old was found unresponsive at 3:30 this afternoon. we are still trying to figure out who called this in. the person i talked to said it was not him. he said he saw medics working on the child and often taken to the hospital and said what he saw did not look very good for the hospital. all we know is the five-year-old was taken to the hospital and found not breathing. as soon as we know more details,


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